July 21, 2014

GNEMSDC 3rd Quarter Meeting hosted by Covidien
GNEMSDCAugust 6th, 2014 1:00pm - 4:00pm hosted by Covidien, 15 Hampshire St Building #3 Mansfield, MA    
 Please attend the upcoming GNEMSDC Quarterly Meeting to learn the latest updates from the Council, hear from the Covidien Procurement Department and see engaging MBE showcases.

To register, email Jerilynn Clarke by August 1st at jclarke@gnemsdc.org
GNEMSDC Trade Expo and Conference is Coming! REGISTRATION IS OPEN
The GNEMSDC Business Opportunity Expo and Conference is coming.  This year the event will take place on Tuesday, September 30 and Wednesday, October 1 at the Mohegan Sun Casino and resort.  Please mark your calendar.  It is time for MBEs and corporate members to start preparing for the event.  One of the biggest attractions is the very successful One-on-One sessions.  These allow corporate members to schedule 15 minute appointments with specific MBEs for specific commodity/service opportunities.  This year we will once again employ some great technology that will allow us to efficiently make these matches between corporate members and MBEs.  We encourage all of our corporate members to participate in the Expo and the One-on-One program.  This year we have some very important editions to the program.  Stay tuned.  (Photo is of CT Governor Dannel Malloy with Dr. Fred at last year's Expo.)
Here is the preliminary program:
Monday, September 29
 6:30 PM GNEMSDC Board of Directors and Senior Advisory Dinner
Tuesday, September 30
7:00 AM Registration Opens
7:15 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Industry Opportunity Sessions - Part 1
10:30 AM  Industry Opportunity Sessions - Part 2
12:00 Noon MBE Sponsors Lunch
2:00 PM - MBE "Shark Tank" ($5,000 in total prizes for the top 3 sales performances by an MBE)
4:30 PM Break
5:30 PM Shining Star Reception
9:00 Expo Booth Set Up
Wednesday, October 1
7:15 AM Breakfast
8:55 AM Expo Ribbon Cutting
9:00 AM Morning Expo Session
12:45 PM Corporate Sponsors Lunch
2:00 PM Expo Afternoon Session
2:00 PM One-on-One Meetings between MBEs and Corporate Members
4:00 PM Expo Closes
5:00 PM One-on-One Meetings End
5:30 PM Post Expo Reception
Here is the link for the Expo Registration.  From this site you can also sign up to participate in the One-on-One program.  You will need to register for the event before you register for the One-on-Ones.
Hotel Reservations
Single & Double Occupancy Rooms are available for $159/night
For online reservations: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/GNEMS14
To make a reservation by phone please call 1-866-708 1340 and reference the group code: GNEMS14
Reservations must be made by Tuesday September 9 any reservations made after this date will be based on room availability and regular hotel rates
GNEMSDC "Shark Tank" at the Trade Expo October 1
expoBefore there was a "Shark Tank" program, the GNEMSDC had a "Speed Presentation" program as part of our Trade Expo.  This was one of the most popular and fun parts of the Expo, and for some inexplicable reason, we dropped it.  Well it is back for the 2014 GNEMSDC Trade Expo with a revised focus and structure.   

This year on Tuesday, September 30 after the MBE Sponsors' Luncheon, we will feature a program that gives MBEs a chance to compete for $5,000 in cash that will be awarded to the best presentations on your "Value Proposition".  That's right; $5,000 in cash.  Here are the rules.  You must be a certified MBE or DBE or MBDA client.  You will have 10 minutes to state you value proposition.  A panel of senior procurement officers from the GNEMSDC corporate membership will make the call on who made the best value proposition presentations.  

All interested MBEs, DBEs and MBDA clients, must be registered or the entire Expo and must contact Jennifer Little-Greer by email, indicating your interest to participate in the program.  Space and time are limited.  So get your emails in early. 

The goal here is not simply to have a good time.  The goal is to have MBEs work on presenting their value proposition concisely and effectively.   There will be no power point presentations or props allowed.  It is just you, your brain and your mouth.  If we are over subscribed we may contact all of the interested parties and hold a preliminary qualifying competition.  Get ready! 
Upcoming Events 
There are several events coming up on our calendar that are designed specifically for MBEs to learn about corporate opportunities.    We know how busy everyone's schedule is, but these are events often hosted by our corporate members with the expressed purpose of finding out more about you and your business with the ultimate aim, to make you a valuable supplier to their companies.  Here are some events you should consider:  
  • July 21, 2014 - CT MBE Orientation click here to RVSP attendance.
  • August 6, 2014  GNEMSDC 3rd Quarterly Meeting
  • August 13, 2014 8am - 10am "Opening Doors" to Federal Government Contracting Including the 8(a) Program and other federal certifications hosted by the Boston MBDA Business Center and GNEMSDC in Boston, MA  Additional Information.
  • September 19, 2014 - Promising Scholars Golf Classic at Tradition Golf Club at Oak Lane in Woodbridge, CT.   This golf outing is one of the top events in the region for bringing together C-level executives.  For more information contact Reggie Mayo (Former Superintendent of Schools City of New Haven) 203-415-9375.  
    September 23, 2014 8:00am  Diversity & Inclusion Strategies Conference  Additional Info
  • September 26, 2014  6pm-10pm ritmos de salud to benefit Joslin's Latino Diabetes Initiative. For more information contact Caitlin Enright at 617-309-2531 of Caitlin.enright@joslin.harvard.edu.
  • September 30 October 1, 2014 - GNEMSDC Expo and Conference, Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort, Uncasville, CT
  • October 10, 2014 - GNEMSDC Advanced Leadership Program, Bridgeport, CT (First Weekly Session)
  • November 20, 2014 - GNEMSDC/MBDA Best Practice Forum, Fenway Park, Boston, MA
MBE Input Committee Retreat at Water's Edge August 8
The GNEMSDC Advanced Leadership Program (GALP)
We are pleased to announce the second year of the GNEMSDC Advanced Leadership Program (GALP).  The program consists of 5 full-day sessions led by outstanding business professors and writers.  The professors in this program represent the best executive educators in the world, and are from the top business schools in the world.  The GALP faculty includes, Steven Rogers of the Harvard Business School, David Hinson, former National Director of the MBDA.  Olav Sorensen of Yale School of Management, and Jeffrey Fox, best-selling author of "How to Become a Rainmaker" and other top selling business books.
At lunch during each day of the program, we will have corporate CEOs and other C-Level executives speak to the program participants.  Last year the CEO faculty included Anne Noble, President and CEO of the CT Lottery, Kevin Kelleher, President and CEO of Cartus, William Jennings, President and CEO of Bridgeport Hospital, Rodney Powell, President and COO of Yankee Gas, Carlton Highsmith, Retired Chairman of Specialized Packaging Group and Joseph Black, Chief Procurement Officer of Aetna.  The program begins on Friday October 17, 2014 and ending on Friday, November 14. 

The program is geared to the owner/entrepreneurs of firms with $1 million in annual sales or more who are looking to significantly grow their business's top and bottom lines.  Participants will not only experience the wisdom of the assembled professors, participants will benefit greatly by learning from the other high powered MBE owners in attendance.  Space is limited to 25 MBEs. Think of the value of simply making the connections that being part of this program can do for your business; that alone is worth the investment of your time and resources.

Participants will receive a certificate signed by all professors in the program.  This will be a valuable reminder of the time invested in this innovative program.
This year we are proud to have the generous support of the Fairfield County Community Foundation.  Call the office if you are interested in being participant in this MBE educational program. 
Corporate Member of the Week: Keolis Commuter Services  
Keolis Commuter Services operates and maintains the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's commuter rail system, carrying more than 127,000 passengers daily throughout Greater Boston.

We are part of Keolis North America, a leading provider of passenger transportation services throughout the U.S. and Canada, carrying nearly 50 million people via train, bus and taxi each year through public contracts. We specialize in helping transportation authorities meet the needs of their communities.

At Keolis Commuter Services our core values include a strong commitment to diversity and nondiscrimination at every level of our organization, including the procurement of goods and services.

Our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program provides contracting opportunities to small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

To be included in our vendor list, please send via email a cover letter introducing your company and a description of your services and capabilities to:

Rita Hardiman
EEO, Diversity and DBE Management
Keolis Commuter Services
NMSDC Leadership Awards 2014
Please enjoy Light Speed's latest creation on the NMSDC Leadership Awards 2014.
The NMSDC Leadership Awards 2014
The NMSDC Leadership Awards 2014
Invitations for Bid and Opportunities
  • MBE looking for an experienced sales rep to cover the CT market, selling into the Biotech and Manufacturing industries.  Highest commissions paid in the industry, and working for a company with over 23 years in business.  
  • Experience required, the right person could exceed 100,000 in total compensation.  Needs to grow the region, but will also be given accounts to expand on in the CT area.  All interested applicants can either email you and you can forward their info to me or they can email me directly atfrankq@qaisupply.com.  
  •  State of Connecticut Department of Transportation job opportunity:  Transportation Public Transit Administrator  
  • Department of Revenue job opportunity:  Office Support Specialist I 
  • The Boston Public School Department is seeking bid proposals  "T0 provide hot and cold vended meals for the Boston Public Schools -  Mu;ti Year contract (3 years) - RFP# 866" and for the "Purchase of fall sports equipment and supplies for Boston Public Schools - BID# BPS 867"  If interested please contact Andie Kim for a complete bid proposal packet.
  • Harvard University is committed to increasing their efforts in hiring a more diverse population at Harvard Medical School.  Please visit their career website for employment opportunities.
  • We have Saint Paul's Commons residential project available for Subcontractor bids. It is new construction, open shop, tax exempt. Bids due ASAP, before July 15. Architects - Guedes Associates, Inc.; GC - Primrose Companies, Inc.; Owner - Mutual Housing of South Central Conn., Inc.; Project location - Bridgeport; Site one - 412 Summerfield Ave, 40 apartments; Site two - 1525 Noble Ave, 16 apartments.; Construction start date - August 1, 2014. Contact: John N. Guedes / President Primrose Companies  1425 Noble Ave, BPT, CT 06610;  Telephone (203)384-0667; Fax  (203)322-0677.
  • A progressive publicly owned regional railroad has an immediate need for a train dispatcher/clerk.  See detailed ad at www.pwrr.com.  
 And Finally...
Addictions are generally thought of as negatives.  They often indicate a lack of personal control and discipline.  However, while what I am about to say might fall into the category of self delusion and denial, I think there are cases when addictions are good.  I say this because it seems I have several addictions.  I am addicted to excitement.  The type of excitement that comes from participating in an event or activity that has tremendous benefit for the Council and its stakeholders.  I can't get enough of great networking.  I am addicted to the glow of starting something new, whether it be a new exercise routine or meeting a new friend.   And I am addicted to Google. 

Google has become as much of my morning routine as my very large cup of coffee.  During the middle of the day, I take a several quick "hits" of Google to learn more about something -  anything.  At night before I go to bed I have just enough to let me sleep calmly in the knowledge that what I don't know, I can start learning by visiting Google when I arise.  I keep looking for the downside here.  Is my brain going to atrophy like the human appendix?  Google is already released the glasses version so that you can indulge in this addiction privately without public notice.  What's next, Google chips loaded directly into my cerebral cortex?  Remember when you had to go to the library and dig through old musty books?

For now, I am learning to live with this addiction to digitized information that is immediately at my fingertips.  And there is comfort in knowing that I am not alone.  The ubiquitous nature of this global phenomenon is still relatively young.  We probably all remember when we first heard the word, Google, probably used as an adjective not a noun, although it both.  To become both a noun and an adjective is a marketing triumph in and of itself - "please Xerox this for me" or "do you have a Kleenex?".   So others face the same challenge.  So please, someone, anyone confirm for me that this addiction to Google is without negative consequences.  But on second thought, I don't need your confirmation, I can simply - Google it!
In your service,

Dr. Fred